Technical Manufacturers' Representatives Serving BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba since 1990

1604 Salsbury Drive, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V5L 4B8

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E-Mail: bdevonald@telus.net 

WEB: www.bhda.ca 


Flex and Rigid-Flex PCB


www.pfcflex.com  Flex and rigid-flex PCB full design services, fabrication & assembly. QTA (5 days up prototypes) through medium to high volume production quantities. Very high volume production quantities of PFC fabricated prototypes using PFC offshore partners for fabrication followed by assembly in-house. (Toronto) 

Rigid PCBs


www.metaplast.ca  Quick turnaround (24 hours up) of rigid PCB prototypes. Production turns/quantities for all product types (4 to 60 layers) manufactured with emphasis on high-density and specialty laminate applications. (Toronto) 


AC Power System Components


www.interpower.com  U.S. and offshore manufactured AC power system components for North American and all International markets. Standard and custom power cords, cord sets and sockets/power strips. Single and multifunction inlet modules, fuses and plugs. IEC60320 inlets and outlets. Same day shipping of stock products. No minimum. One week manufacturing lead-time on non-stock Interpower cords. (Oskaloosa, Iowa)



Mission Statement

B. H. Devonald & Associates is an independent, electronics and related industries technical manufacturers' representative company in business since 1990. With a strong customer orientation and a consultative selling approach we vigorously represent to our principals our customers' best interests and specific technical demands. Strongly Canadian and U.S. manufacturing industry focused, we offer AC power system components, prototype and volume fabrication of virtually any flexible, rigid-flex or rigid PCB design along with full design services and assembly of flex/rigid-flex.